Aromatic Bath Salts

Recipe Ingredients

Bath Salts
6 cups Epsom salts
2 tablespoons baby oil with aloe
1/8 teaspoon food coloring paste or gel
1/4 teaspoon essential oil (or more if desired)

Packaging Items
3 x 5-inch zip-type bags (found in craft and bead sections of stores)
    or any other type of sealed container to use for gift giving
Squares of fabric or prepared table/beverage sized napkins
Ribbon and decorative ornaments


In large clean mixing bowl, combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly with whisk. It is extremely important that the mixture be combined evenly, as the salts are divided into 1/4 cup portions and must appear blended both in color and fragrance.

Using a funnel, seal in zip-type bags (1/4 cup each) or desired storage containers. Add ribbon and ornaments to package.