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About Recipe Goldmine

Recipe Goldmine debuted in August 1999. Recipe Goldmine has fast become one of the largest and most popular culinary sites on the world-wide web. The thousands of recipes are easily-accessible using a cookbook-style index and are easy to print.

In addition to recipes, Recipe Goldmine also offers crafts, beauty, kitchen charts, kitchen dictionary and gardening.

Recipe Goldmine Features

  • Over 40,000 recipes!
  • One of the largest collections of restaurant and copycat recipes on the internet.
  • Thousands of recipes in the very popular categories of cake mix recipes, chicken recipes, crock pot recipes and gifts from the kitchen.
  • Large selection of recipes for all major holidays.
  • Ethnic cuisine from around the world.
  • Many recipes for those on special diets - diabetic, wheat-free, gluten-free, low carbohydrate, etc.
  • A large collection of Nutella recipes.
  • Children's recipes and crafts.
  • Adult crafts.
  • Comprehensive Southwestern and Mexican food section.
  • Extensive culinary dictionary.
  • Sixty-one (61) kitchen charts, including metric conversion charts.
  • Comprehensive recipes for pets section.
  • Recipes for both beauty and home remedies.
  • Household hints, kitchen hints and recipes for homemade house cleaning solutions.