Fall vacations offer big savings, learning
opportunities and no crowds

(ARA) - In the fall, many families are thinking about getting their kids back to school. But, perhaps contrary to popular wisdom, the season offers great vacation opportunities for families.

By taking a vacation in the fall, you'll avoid crowds and pay less as resorts and popular destinations will be offering great deals on vacation packages after the summer rush has passed. Your dollar will go farther if you opt for a fall vacation, plus the weather at popular spots for summer vacations will likely be just as pleasant, if not a bit more temperate. This rings especially true in beach destinations like Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Pulling your kids out of school is a choice not to be taken lightly anytime, even if it is at the beginning of the school year. However, you may find it's easier for your children to make up for lost time early, rather than later when the school year is in full swing, tests are given and important assignments are due.

If you're considering taking a late summer or early fall vacation that includes a couple of school days, here are some suggestions to make it work for your family:

* Plan ahead. Always a good idea when traveling, this becomes more important when it involves your child missing a few days of school. Teachers will be much more amenable to accommodating your requests if they have time to prepare lesson plans for your child far in advance. And by traveling within the first two weeks of the school year, there is less of a chance that your child will miss intensive lessons that will require time for the teacher to plan and your child to learn.

* Block out time for homework. If you've been in contact with your child's teacher, you will surely receive some assignments for them to complete while they are gone. Make time each day for them to study and make it known that in order to enjoy the fun part of the vacation, they'll have to stay on top of their schoolwork. This should be simple in a destination like Myrtle Beach, where attractions and activities are virtually line-free in the fall, leaving plenty of downtime for an hour study break.

* Conduct your own lessons. While on vacation, choose at least one activity that holds some educational value for your child. The best part about this is they will learn a lesson they probably would not have been able to receive in a classroom. With attractions like the L.W. Paul Living History Farm, the Children's Museum of South Carolina, Brookgreen Gardens and Ripley's Aquarium, Myrtle Beach is a great destination for your fall vacation if you are looking for both learning and leisure. More information on Myrtle Beach vacations can be found at www.visitmyrtlebeach.com.

* Show and tell. Work with your child's teacher to come up with a project that allows your student to share with their classmates what they learned while on vacation. Find really cool shells while participating in a Huntington Beach State Park surf seining class? Bring them home. Not only will it be a good speech lesson for your child, it may also prove to be a beneficial ecology lesson for his or her classmates.

* Take off when your child is off. If your child has some days off from school for holidays or teacher workshops, go on vacation during those times so your child won't miss as much school. Teacher workshops may be the best choice, as others may have the same idea during holidays. When compared to taking a vacation during the summer, you'll feel like you'll have the town all to yourself.

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