Simple Passover Seder Plate

1 large paper plate
Heavy paper (or you can cut the shapes of smaller plates out of other paper plates)
Crayons or color pencils

Color a design around the outer edges of paper plate. Out of heavy paper (or you may use other paper plates to make cutouts), cut out 6 small circles. Color design around outer edges (and if you like on the middle) of the smaller circles. Turn outer edges of smaller circles upward, forming a bowl/saucer-like shape.

Glue smaller plates onto big plate. One small plate should be in the middle, with the other 5 surrounding the middle plate.

OPTION: you can also write on the inside of the smaller plates the Passover symbols — bitter herbs, shank bone of a lamb, matzah (these 3 are found in Exodus 12); charoset, roasted egg, karpas (fresh greens).