Lighted Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree

Lighted Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree


33 (3-inch) baby food jars with lids
String of 35-bulb light set
50 inches (3-inch wide) Christmas ribbon
Double-sided tape
5 1/2 x 9-inch finished board for base
Small package silver roping tinsel
Tube of Liquid Nails Adhesive
Drill and bits


Prepare the jars. Wash and dry all jars and lids.

Drill the holes. Before drilling holes in lids for the bulbs to fit into, drill practice holes in a board to determine appropriate bit size. Bulbs should fit snugly into holes. Drill holes in the center of all 33 lids. Place tinsel in all jars and replace lids.

Glue the jars. Line up 7 jars with caps up next to each other along a straight edge on a flat surface. Use Liquid Nails to glue jars together. Tie string around the row of jars to hold them in place. Let dry over night. Turn glued jars on side. Glue a row of six jars on top of the 7 jars. Let dry overnight.

Continue to glue a row each day until the last jar becomes the top of the tree. Make the tree trunk in the same way.

Assemble the tree. Glue tree trunk to the finished board. Let dry overnight. Glue large section of the tree onto the trunk. Let dry overnight. To attach ribbon to tree, start at top of tree trunk and apply double-sided tape around tree, ending on the opposite side of tree trunk. Place the ribbon over tape.

Insert the lights. Starting at the top, insert a light in each hole. Set the completed tree in a location of your choice, plug it in and light up!

Note: Because Liquid Nails Adhesive is used as glue, each row of jars must dry overnight before next row is added. Project will take a number of days to complete.

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