Ironing Board Bridesmaid

This is super for a wedding shower!


Ironing board

Full apron

Rubber gloves

2 tiny tart pans


Dust mop

2 wooden spoons

Quiche pan

2 small round soaps

Bath beads

Mesh laundry bag

Fake string of pearls

Assorted brushes and

    sponges with handles






Lay ironing board, business side down, flat on a table. Using wire, attach dust mop to back of board, with mop (hair) at the narrow end of the board. Turn the board over and tie apron around it, ending with strings hanging in front. Attach wooden spoon (arms) to ironing board cover with wire. Poke wire through cover and twist around spoons.

Stuff gloves with tissue and place one over the end of each spoon. Use pins to fasten gloves to apron.

Attach quiche pan (face) by tightly wrapping wire from side to side around back of ironing board and under dust mop (hair). Use Handi-tak to secure tart pans (eyes) to face, for soap inside each (eye), to secure cork (nose) and bath bead (mouth).

Make bouquet of brushes and tie with ribbon. Secure bouquet with rubber bands. Attach bouquet to front of doll, using apron strings to hold.

Place laundry bag on mop as veil, and add fake pearls under head.

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