Punch Wreath


1 (12-inch) straw wreath with plastic wrap removed

1 yard calico or cotton material

Small Phillips head screwdriver

Raffia or paper twist for bow


Cut material into 2-inch squares using either a scissors or pinking shears.

Punch the center of a cloth square about 1/2 inch into the wreath with the screwdriver. Punch a second square next to the first, close enough so that no straw wreath can be seen between them. Repeat this procedure until all material is used up and there is no straw showing.

Work one small section at a time, taking care to cover not only the "face" of the wreath, but the inside and outside, too. Leave the very back of the wreath untouched, as it will be resting against the wall when you are done. If using more than one color materials, make sure that you use them evenly throughout the wreath. After the entire wreath is covered, make a bow with the raffia or paper twist, and glue the bow to the top or bottom of the wreath. Allow glue to dry before hanging.

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