Bowls and Buddha Bowls

A Buddha Bowl or Glory or Hippie Bowl at one time contained only vegetarian ingredients. As they became more popular, meat, fish and seafood were added to them. Whether you like them meatless or not, you will find something here to suit your palate.

Avocado Grain Bowl photo
Chicken and Wild Rice Harvest Bowl photo
Egg Roll Bowl photo
Ginger Beef and Noodle Bowls photo
Jamaican Style Jerk Steak Bowl photo
Mediterranean Steak and Quinoa Bowl photo
Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl photo
Mongolian Firepot Beef Bowl photo
Orange Shrimp Quinoa Bowls photo
Pecan Buddha Bowl photo
Power Breakfast Bowls photo
Roasted Roots Power Bowl with White Oak Cheddar photo
Slow Cooker Chicken Burrito Bowls photo
South of the Border Bowl photo
Spicy Honey Chicken Rice Bowls photo
Taco Quinoa Bowls photo
Teriyaki Vegetable Noodle Bowl photo
Wild Alaska Salmon Teriyaki Bowl photo

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