Instant Pot Terminology

Instant Pot

The official definition of an Instant Pot is a multi-function electric pressure cooker.

IP Instant Pot

PC Pressure Cooker

EPC Electric Pressure Cooker

QR Quick Release - Open valve to release steam quickly

NR Natural Release - Leave valve closed to allow pressure to drop on its own.

NPR Natural Pressure Release (same as Natural Release)

10 min NPR Let pressure drop on its own for 10 minutes, then open valve to release remaining steam.

HP High Pressure

LP Low Pressure This is the opposite of the high pressure and is associated with cooking rice in the Instant Pot. The older Instant Pot models don’t have a low pressure option, though the Duo version comes with a low pressure setting.

SSB Stainless Steel Bowl. This is the pot that fits directly into the Instant Pot that you use for cooking with. It is one big pot and then you always cook inside of it.

PIP Pot In Pot. Food is put in pan/bowl before putting in Instant Pot.

Trivet The metal rack that goes in the bottom of your pot to keep food out of the liquid.

Seal/Ring Silicone sealing ring for lid.

Pin Float Valve Silver or Red (8-quart) pin in lid that pops up when the pot pressurizes.

Handle/Vent/Knob Steam Release. Handle on lid that you turn to either Sealing or Venting.

Shield Anti-Block Shield Metal cover over the steam release valve (inside the lid).

Sling Aluminum foil strip used to remove pans when using the Pot-In-Pot method.

6-6-6 method for cooking hard boiled eggs. 6 minutes cook time; 6 minutes natural pressure release; 6 minutes in ice bath

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