Gifts from Your Kitchen Presentation Ideas

Labeling gifts

Buy pretty decorative labels for your homemade gifts. Include with the name important information on storing and serving.

To clean empty bottles, fill them half full of water. Add 1 tablespoon baking soda and shake well. Let stand for 1 hour and then rinse thoroughly.

Save empty wine, liqueur, vinegar, olive oil, chili sauce, pancake syrup, spaghetti sauce and salad dressing bottles throughout the year and fill them with your homemade versions for gift giving. Decorate by tying plaid or colored ribbon around the neck.

Recipe Gift Cards

Spray mount adhesive
Hole punch
3 (3 x 5) unruled white index cards
Felt-tip marker, coordinated color
1/4 yard glazed small print chintz
3 (8-inch) lengths 1/4-inch satin fabric ribbon, coordinated to fabric color
X-Acto knife

Spray one side of each card with adhesive and press down to wrong side of fabric. Turn fabric over and smooth out any creases or lumps. Trim fabric to edge of cards with X-Acto knife.

Fold cards in half with fabric on outside. Punch hole through both sides, near upper left corner.

Open cards and write appropriate recipe or instructions for the type of gift.

Close cards, thread ribbon through each hole, and attach to necks of bottles, basket handles, etc.

Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup Bottle

1 empty bottle Mrs. Butterworth's maple syrup, without label
1/4 yard small check brown gingham
Felt tip fabric marker

Fill bottle with homemade syrup using a funnel for easy pouring. Screw on cap. Wash and dry outside of bottle and cap.

From gingham cut a 7 inch square, a 4 x 10 inch strip, and a 1 1/2 x 15 inch strip. Fold 7 inch square diagonally into a triangle and press. Fold 4 x 10-inch strip in half to a 4 x 5 inch rectangle. Press with fold at top. Fold 1 1/2 x 15 inch strip in half, lengthwise to a 3/4 x 15 inch band. Press.

Tie triangle bandana-style over bottle cap, tucking pointed end under tied ends at back of bottle's head.

On the 4 x 5 inch fabric, fold back top layer (which will be the apron front).

On the inside write with marker on lower half of fabric the following:

(your name)'s (food item name)

Heat and serve warm over pancakes or waffles.

Top with toasted walnuts, sliced bananas, or chopped apple.

Tie apron around bottle by slipping folded edge of 15 inch band under folded edge of 4 x 5 inch rectangle. With apron centered on band, tie around waist, with bow at back of bottle.

Fabric Bag

(for pancake mixes, etc.)

1 (11 x 40-inch) piece of fabric

With right sides of cloth together and matching short edges, fold fabric in half. Finger press folded edge (bottom of bag. Using a 1/4-inch seam allowance and thread to match fabric, sew sides of bag together. Press top edge of bag 1/4-inch to the wrong side. Press 1/2-inch to the wrong side again and stitch in place.

For a bag with a flat bottom, match each side seam to fold line at bottom of bag; sew across each corner 1 inch from point. Turn bag right side out.

Pour mix into bag and close the top of the bag with a pretty ribbon.

Attach the recipe for the mix to the bag.

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