Packet and Foil Meal Recipes

Disclaimer: For health reasons, we do not encourage cooking in aluminum foil. We suggest either parchment baking paper or, if grilling, natural cedar wraps.

Baked Burrito Packets
Barbecue Chicken and Cheddar Dinner
BBQ Stew Packet
Burritos to Go
Caribbean Shrimp and Mushroom Packets photo
Caribbean Shrimp Packets
Chicken Curry Packet
Chicken Fajita Packets
Easy Cheesy Potato Packets
Easy Grilled S'Mores
Filo Chicken Packets
Foil Wrapped Pears and Caramel Sauce
Foil-Wrapped Apricot Chicken
Greek Chicken and Potato Packets
Greek Fish in a Packet
Green Bean Chicken Casserole Packets
Grilled Beer Brats and Potatoes Foil Packets photo
Grilled Chili Cheese Fries Foil Packet photo
Grilled Meat Loaf Meal Packets photo
Ham Dinner in a Packet
Hobo Corn on the Cob
Honey Mustard Chicken in a Packet
Italian Chicken Packets
Lemon Pepper Seafood Packets
Lemony Fish in Packets
Mexican Chicken Packets
Miracle Chops
Mustardy Pork Chop Packet
Orange Chicken Packets
Packet Potatoes
Pizza Chicken Packets
Pork Chop Packet Dinners
Shrimp, Corn and Zucchini Packets
Silver Chicken
Smoked Sausage Potato Packets
Sonoran Shrimp Packets photo
Tamale Chicken Packets
Tex Mex Meat Loaves and Potato Packets
Texas-Style Barbecue Ribs

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